China requests the user data of the detailed technology companies

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The government ordered China’s technology companies operating in the country collects more data about its users, including the real names and the type of devices they use to access sites, as part of the latest campaign of repression against the opposition, where he published the governance of cyberspace in China CAC new requirements yesterday, Thursday, and informed the companies that these requirements come into force on 30 November, and these new requirements on any internet platform can be used for social mobilization or to have the ability to bring about significant changes in public opinion.

And require a new limitations of of the companies working in the areas of social media, forums and internet and video services and search engines collect detailed information about users routinely create systems for reporting this information to the police upon request, and the management of cyberspace, the new regulations designed to prevent “the spread of illegal information and harmful information” online.

Exercised a large amount of control over what its citizens do on the internet, where the internet in China behind the Great Firewall since 1997, which prohibits many of the world’s sites, and the increasing suffering of the Chinese internet users day after day, where the Beijing government to block access to many websites which is considered one of the most important sites on the internet in the world including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

She explained the oversight body of Chinese e-they need to keep detailed records of internet users in a new policy framework aimed at the elimination of opposing views and social movements across the internet, as part of the evaluations, which include on-site inspections, companies must possess login information, including real names and user names account names and times of use of the chat records and logs of calls and the type of the user device.

The impact of these requirements on the largest technology companies in China, including Tencent, Tencent and Baidu Baidu Alibaba and Alibaba, where you will be companies are required to conduct security checks regularly for their operations and their data, according to said management cyberspace, as the agency has warned the government that they give out special inspections of compliance technology companies operating in the country new laws.

And tighten control over the internet under the administration of President Xi Jinping Xi Jinping, the ruling Communist Party to suppress the opposition, and is content that threatens social stability or manipulates date or inconsistent with the plan of the government in the policy of the Chinese electronic security risk e-mail, and can be compared to cyber threats, financial and terrorist.

Chinese companies are continuously new features to enhance the influence of the government on the platforms and pull the content in order to avoid fines and penalties amounting in some cases to permanent closure, and the governance of cyberspace Chinese by several yam’s cancelled 9800 account social follow for news providers independent who thought they publish exciting content or harmful politically.

The Chinese government directly on the way to the use of the citizens of the internet, and subjected to Western technology companies operating in China to audit severe, where was raided the offices of Microsoft in China as part of an antitrust investigation in 2014, and continued the investigation until 2016, but no accusations have been made against the American company.

In a suspended Google services in China since 2010 after a series of cyber attacks launched by Chinese government, which targeted human rights activists in the country, but it is now developing a search engine is censored in an attempt to return to the Chinese market, and is likely to host the new regulations provided by the Department of cyberspace in China the return of the Google planned to China.

The gate Arab News Technical China requests the user data of the detailed technology companies

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