China issued new laws for the approval of the launch of games on the market

After about a year of narrow bodies, the competent Chinese control of games down on companies entertainment content industry and get out here Digital Gaming initiative, on Friday issued new rules to implement the gaming market better will return life to this area and speed up the process of giving approvals to put games and updates.

And the list of new directives to encourage the developers and makers of games China you need the content of games is growing from the social value is paid to the promotion of Chinese culture, where it will subdue the Games opportunities and then to allow him access to touch violated.

In we will begin receiving applications for approval of gaming in accordance with new laws on 22 April, which process will be examined under a high degree of transparency, according to the commission, which predicted a positive impact of the laws to revive the gaming market; which will be in the best interest of the companies producing the games that come to head the company set the author of many of the games notorious of which was the best known recent game PUBG.

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