China is to respond to the decision of the U.S. embargo are taking similar steps

الصين تُعد للرد على قرار الحظر الأمريكي بخطوات مشابهة

Over the past weeks during the period that followed the decision to ban American company Huawei did not offer China any step adverse to the government of America, but today according to the last reports they were preparing a list of foreign “non-reliable” which include companies, institutions, and individuals also will be subject to their sanctions and cut off supplies from them for reasons of harm to Chinese companies as well as non-adherence to the texts of the contracts agreed upon and the violation of the laws of the Chinese market.

In didn’t the Chinese government to disclose any company or institution, which may include existing and sanctions, with the expectation of a block list is limited in the case of China’s declaration on its official, so you can’t ignore how interconnected the Chinese market close by US, and any decisions will include the pieces and penalties wide will Loss huge parties.

So we can agree to China in the case of the inclusion of a number of American companies on its list and cut a deal with them and stop the supply chain it will be well-considered first, and then will the direction of the molecules of the account that will cause damage equal to the hit Huawei to be used as a pressure to return the party to the American table of trade negotiations, which will culminate in the end loosen the ban on Huawei if successful.

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