China is stepping up its war electronic against the United States

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Approved by the United States and China in 2015 to a number of the banned companies special hacking to steal trade secrets, notwithstanding that the agreement has been described as successful, but it did not prevent the Chinese volunteers who have the care of the state of deregulation of the playoffs is unacceptable, and, moreover, it is certain that the gift did not slow down the piracy operations that fall outside the scope of the agreement, it seems recently that this behaviour has reached a limit collection of information, So with the leadership of the Pirates of the Chinese state to re-organize themselves during the last few years to be more ease and effectiveness in the operations of trade digital.

And the recent attacks on they are improving their plans to get the most valuable information, where the beggars Chinese in recent weeks, fighters belonging to the US Navy working for the center for war under the sea, andstole up to 614 GB of data on weapons technology the Navy under the sea, as targeted attacks China in recent months, export companies and satellite networks, geospatial and communications companies of America, and these events highlight the campaigns of piracy theft are not available which are available continuously between the United States and China.

Said David Kennedy David Kennedy, CEO of tracking the threat of Binary Defense Systems, which had previously functioned within the National Security Agency NSA with the intelligence unit of the reference force Marines: “I decline the activity of the Chinese significantly in relation to the hacking and theft of information and intellectual property, but when it comes to trade secrets, military preparedness, the military and review of military satellite communications, and anything that involves the ability of the United States in maintaining the superiority of their technical or military, China will focus heavily on these objectives, the United States also do the same thing”.

Reflect the process of penetration of computers to get a US Navy U. S. Navy Chinese emphasis on the big Bridge any gap technology or military between them and the United States, were also seized Chinese hackers involved attacks during the months of January and February to steal important data from the network is not a secret, where when you collect data with China has been able to have access to the whole perception of the latest techniques to the United States in its war under the water, in addition to details about the number of digital systems, mechanical related.

It’s similar to the attacks with the patterns of attacks are known and linked hackers to the Chinese, wrote Daniel cotter Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence U.S. report threats to the month of February “China will continue to use the business online and strengthening the capacities of cyber-attacks in support of their priorities in national security, and continues to the intelligence community and security experts within the private sector in determining the activity of the e-mail continued by China, which concentrate most of the operations of Chinese electronic industry, private American Defense contractors, or companies of information and communications technology”.

Dissemination of analysts from company Symantec Symantec this week’s research on a series of attacks considered the same pattern was between November 2017 through April 2018 from the collection of hacking dubbed the thrips, although the company Symantec can to a large extent confirm the access of this group on the care of the Chinese state, but they confirm with high confidence that the attacks of the thrips back to computers in China.

And methods group, which is tracked by Symantec since 2013, through the use of malicious software ready to to the network and then check in administrative controls and other tools of the systems to reach places deeper without disabling the alarms, and assisted these tools and techniques are ready to increase the difficulty of identifying and tracking the group of thrips, but Symantec started to notice the patterns in the detectors own LED researchers to back door. unique prove the involvement of thrips.

The researchers found evidence of interventions in some of the telecommunications companies in South East Asia and photo geo-spatial American and two of the company’s satellites, including one from the United States, and the undertaker defensive American, and all were multiple cysts and targeted, as the use of inventors in case of company has satellites all possible ways to access control systems and satellite orbital actual, so that it was possible to affect this hack on the path of the satellite or disable the flow of data.

And John dimaggio Jon DiMaggio, a senior analyst Intelligence threat in the company Symantec, which led the operations of the research behind the set of thrips: “it’s scary, we’ve looked at the systems that they are interested in, and where they spent most of the time, a satellite that they were trying to control them and control them, as they were trying to penetrate the company the sound of geospatial and telecommunications companies”.

Includes David Kennedy to hack relating to the collection of information may represent a priority for all States, and sometimes tolerated in depending on it being mutual, but they may represent a clear statement when there is disagreement between the two countries, and demonstrates that it is not surprising to discover the operations of Chinese hacking escalating against the United States because of geopolitical tensions escalating between the two countries about trade and increase tariffs, where can use piracy as evidence of strength in a lot of cases.

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