China imposed additional tariffs on imports of US $ 75 million

USA VS China 2

Not the United States imposing a tariff surcharge of 10 percent on a range of products imported from China to inflict some damage to the economy of China, has decided to the Republic of China without the Today to impose tariffs on imports of US $ 75 million.

The commission announced the tariffs as soon as the state of China today that China intends to impose customs duties on additional imports of American worth about 75 million USD, in response to increased tariffs on Chinese goods, announced by the United States recently. The committee added in a statement that the tariff increases will be applied to the two batches, the first of the first of September at 12:01 pm Beijing time, and the second December 15 at 12:01 pm Beijing time.

Under the laws and regulations ratified by the Council of state, the products of up to $ 5078 items, include crude oil, soy beans, peanuts and seafood, chicken, fruit, vegetables, animal fur, will develop the additional fees by 10 percent or 5 percent. The statement stressed that the imposition of additional customs fee is only in response to a mandatory unilateral trade protectionism by the United States.

He added that the world requires to be involved, the two sides actively in the construction of the system of economic and trade between China and the United States, based on the balance and inclusiveness and achieve the interest of both parties, as the world looks to the two sides can cooperate in the protection of trade system and reform, and to promote cooperation profitable for all the parties with other countries. The statement continued, ” We hope that the analysis of China and the United States differences in a manner acceptable to both sides on the basis of mutual respect, equality and good faith and the consistency of deeds with words “.

He added that China reaffirms that cooperation is the only correct choice for China and the United States, and that the situation is profitable to the parties will lead to a better future. As has been already mentioned, it was the U.S. government announced on August 15 that it intends to impose an additional fee of 10% on the goods Chinese worth 300 million USD, in two tranches, the first on the first of September and the second on 15 December.

The statement noted that the move us increased from escalating the possibilities of bilateral trade, to the detriment of the very interests of China and the United States and other countries, also represents a big threat to the multilateral trade system and principles of the freedom of trade.

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