China has upgraded the rating of blockchain projects. What a cryptocurrency is in the first place?

China center of information and development of the industry has updated its monthly ranking of cryptoprocta. Bitcoin moved up a few notches upward, additional support was also expressed for EOS and Ethereum. Representatives of the center in addition talked about his models of assessment and plans for the future. We will remind, the information centre is under the control of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China. This is the seventh in a row rating. So far the list includes 33 cryptoprocta and last update their positions virtually unchanged.

EOS continues to occupy the top spot in the overall ranking. It is followed by Ethereum. It should be noted that these coins do not change position since June. However, Bitcoin scored 6 points and landed on the 13th position in comparison with 19 in the previous ranking. Survivors disputed the Bitcoin Cash hardporn dropped one position and now ranks 29th. Decred was fixed on the last line and behind him dragged a NEM. Moreover, in the ranking last month as the time NEM was in last place.

Writes thirty-three cryptoprocta are valued based on their underlying technology, applicability and creativity. Also the project provides an overall assessment. As in the past month, in the category of creativity, the leading Bitcoin. EOS claim to first place in the category of basic technologies, while the Ethereum takes the first place in terms of applicability.

Model evaluation and plans for the future CCID

As explained in the center of the model evaluation involves the comparison of three key principles. First, “indicators apply to all objects, and not selectively”, second, “the proposed indicators should address technological innovation in the public circuits”. Finally, “the evaluation and analysis of indicators”. As for future projects, the representatives noted the following.

Research Institute of CCID Blockchain is going to present a report with an in-depth assessment and report on the development of applications for the public network… We also run a consulting service and a separate report for the public evaluation of technology chains.

More data look at cryptodata.

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