China bans Microsoft’s search engine Bing

الصين تحظر محرك بحث مايكروسوفت Bing

It became Microsoft’s search engine knowledge-Bing The Last services of America, which is banned in China during the financial period, as reported to the inability of the users there to access the Chinese site ( of the search engine in spite of the access of the users out there don’t normally.

According to the Financial Times, the interests of the Chinese telecommunications company China Unicom talked about the orders of the Chinese government recommended the Prohibition of the famous search engine.

For its part, Microsoft confirmed that its search engine became unavailable to users in China. Which is a surprise to the company.

It is worth noting that the Google search engine has been blocked for years in China, which is the case with the social networks Facebook and Instagram where they twitter. It has also been the Prohibition of the video broadcast network Twitter last September, also without warning.

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