China accuses Britain of bias and intolerance because of Huawei

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الصين تتهم بريطانيا بالتحيز والتعصب بسبب هواوي

Accused China United Kingdom bias and intolerance because of the security concerns that have been raised about the telecom giant Huawei, as the description of Wu Qian Wu Qian, a military officer and spokesman of Chinese Defense Ministry, the allegations that the equipment company Huawei posing a security threat to Britain as “unfounded,” according to remarks reported by the newspaper Global Times Global Times, a newspaper backed by the Chinese state wanted by the Communist Party, he said Wu Qiang, if their actions and statements reflect the bias and prejudice inherent have the United Kingdom the direction of Beijing.

Against the Chinese in response to the warnings of British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson Gavin Williamson to the role of Huawei in the next upgrade of the mobile networks of the British to the services of 5G needs to be examined closely because of serious concerns about the Chinese equipment that can be used for.

As wondered Alex Younger, Alex Younger, head of the intelligence service of the British, known as MI6, on the satisfaction of Britain about King Chinese telecom infrastructure in the country, which increased the pressure on the role of Huawei, the largest manufacturer of communication devices in the world, in the construction of the fifth-generation networks the most modern, where the company works closely with the operators of mobile phone networks in UK like Three, EE and BT to build 5G networks.

Designed the fifth-generation networks to provide internet services faster and more reliable, and the Chinese company that its success is due to their huge investment in research and high quality, where the company signed a BT BT in the month of February an agreement with Huawei to provide equipment to the Chinese 5G new in the United Kingdom.

As the company signed a Three deal with the Chinese company in the month of June, the telecom providers work closely with the National Centre for electronic protection of the government about security matters relating to Huawei.

It offers mobile service providers in the UK they won’t use the equipment the Chinese company in the infrastructure networks of the fifth generation their own, but they face questions about their plans to continue to use more of its equipment in the network terminal after the statements of the British minister of Defence.

He also thinks US President Donald Trump also issued an executive order prohibiting American companies to use the communications equipment built by Huawei, come questions concerning the safety of communications equipment, a subsidiary of Huawei in the UK after fears expressed by the other members of the so-called Alliance of the “Five Eyes” Five Eyes, which comprises the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Raising the Gao Ping Guo Ping, deputy chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer alternately Huawei, which expects a rise in its revenue for the year increased by 21 percent to $ 108 million, in a speech on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve, criticism of the West, complained of “unfair treatment incredibly”.

The gate Arab News Technical China accuses Britain of bias and intolerance because of Huawei

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