Children’s sound? But, no! Review JBL JR POP

Good sound should be taught from an early age, though often audio brands don’t release a device specifically for children, and buying Hi-End acoustics in this age is hardly appropriate. But some of it can go towards our youngest music lovers, such as the JBL in the beginning of this year released wireless speaker JR POP, which will allow the child to always be with his music, with (most importantly) not taking the equipment adults.

The product of this category should be simple to use, pleasing in appearance, harmless to the baby, cheap and comfortable during operation. Can you say all this about the new product from JBL called JR POP? Without a doubt!

We have long been familiar with the brand JBL, and immediately realized that JR POP was made on the basis of the existing speakers the JBL Clip is the youngest in the lineup. First, the eye catches the updated carabiner, which is even made of fabric, but still inspires confidence in the operation, in addition to children’s hands is a suitable material. Second, the dimensions of the column about how the first generation Clip. And third, the speaker of the novelty lies under a special plastic coating.

Possibly aesthetically, this coating may be to the taste not for everyone (but kids won’t care, believe me), its practical benefits are undeniable. Case does not collect fingerprints, and in the event of a fall or unpleasant contacts with the environment, no scratches you will not see. But most importantly, a child speaker from JBL is protected under the standard IPX7, which means that the child can not only wash the column under the tap but also to lower into the water. He can safely take your column to the bathroom while bathing, in the sandbox, the beach or a picnic in any weather without fear that the moisture will harm the device.

To say that POP JR looks cool, is impossible. She looks amazing! Incredibly high-quality performance, flawless appearance in this column everything is fine. Perhaps it should look like a real children’s column: interesting, bold and tasteful. By the way, the child can change the appearance of the device: in the box carefully put a set of labels with which the child can Express their creativity and give a column of individuality. The micro-USB cable for charging (signature and orange, of course) is also not cheated.

In order to ensure water and dust protection button hidden under the rubber covering of the column, which is located around the entire circumference of the housing. The power button and connect the Bluetooth (along with another interesting press) are on the right, and volume controls placed on the left. 3.5 mm Jack for a wired connection, however, is not “delivered”, but now all kids have phones with wireless support.

Now to answer the question: what is another button with a sun icon next to the power button Bluetooth? She is responsible for enabling and disabling the backlight, which is located around dynamics! What kind of music put, the column begins to play immediately using their system of light music (Yes, almost like in the line Pulse from JBL). Yellow, orange, red, and blue to the color palette. Sometimes even forget directly about the sound and just watched as the column changes its color. An incredible sight. If so, even we adults djadki in the editorial, “stuck” to it, children just won’t able to tear yourself away.

By the way, battery life on the speakers is enough for as much as 5 hours of battery life! Perhaps this circumstance will be a far more compelling argument to make a choice in favor of this model than the watch new.

Speaker volume is sufficient — we, if honest, was surprised at the same frequency range is quite wide, from 190 Hz to 20 kHz. Of course, such dimensions makes no sense to expect sound quality of the Studio system, but if you enable this column, you will be pleasantly surprised how quality and surround sound it will fill the room. Try to turn up the volume and you will not notice any distortions that often sinning counterparts from competing companies. And the child will love it. This signature feature compact speakers JBL that was left in its place in the new product.

Trying to answer your dumb question “to take or not to Take?”, I want to draw attention to a number of features columns. If you want to teach a child to high-quality sound from an early age, did not even hesitate. Moreover, the presence of its own devices are well encourages responsibility in children. Need a column for swimming or outdoor games? Take. Flaws it simply does not even sound cool managed to do. For this reason, some of the wording is also thinking about buying (a they and children do not), sounds great too in its dimensions. Incidentally, the ratio of price and quality of the novelty, as always, is perfect: in the official store JBL JR POP is on sale for only 3 000.


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