Chief economist of the Bank of England predicts the replacement of Fiat on Bitcoin

The chief economist of the Bank of England’s Andrew Haldane considers Bitcoin a serious contender to Fiat. About this 51-year-old academician said in one of the lectures for their students. Someone from the audience asked Haldane to share your thoughts about kripalu.

The words of the teacher posted on Reddit one of those present.

Mr. Haldane stated that Bitcoin could replace cash. According to him, this process will not occur overnight and will take at least 20-30 years.

Economists about Bitcoin

It is said the lecture is not the same as last year’s statements of academician. We will remind, in March 2018, he warned investors about the high risk of investing their funds in Bitcoin. While Haldane did not consider cryptocurrency a serious threat to the banking system. Moreover, he did not believe that BTC will increase in capitalization to at least one percent of global wealth.

How would an economist even unflattering comments about Bitcoin, its then approval could save money many inexperienced cryptoendoliths. In 2018, the coin lost most of the cost, which seriously affected its popularity in the world.

The Bank of England’s Chief Economist did a talk at my college today. from CryptoCurrency

However, the increase of BTC over the last month and a half has forced Haldane to revise their beliefs. Even his colleague, the famous economist Niall Ferguson moved to the side of cryptocurrency.

I was very wrong. I was wrong — currencies using the technology of the blockchain can actually be put to good use.

However, among the opponents of Bitcoin is still full of famous people. For example, in the success of the project Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t believe Warren Buffett, a sharp attitude to the BTC which he even called “chief rat of wall street“.

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