Chicoine lost. As the season altcoins will separate the wheat from the chaff

In the last few weeks the markets of altcoins show vigorous momentum. Many are already wondering about whether or not the season began altcoins? While the major cryptocurrencies has kept the relative peace that altcoins with small market capitalization has experienced significant volatility. Several dozens of altcoins seriously gained weight, while others suffered huge losses.

Speaking in numbers, it was like the projects with income to 200 percent, and distressed coin, the price of which has fallen by 90 percent. And most of these tokens had never been heard. According to experts, “Chicony” gradually disappear, and on the market are only effective projects.

In addition to the dynamics of altcoins, in a recent report CryptoCompare representatives of the company said about another indicator of the beginning of the season altcoins. In February, the trading volume on cryptomeria increased ahead of the December results. The number of transactions on exchanges such as Fiat-the crypt has remained virtually unchanged.

Source: Cryptocompare

As the data show, the volume of transactions under the scheme of Fiat-cryptocurrency declined from 73 billion dollars as of December 2018 to 63 billion dollars, according to statistics for January and February. As for the cryptotrading, the first figure fell from 142 billion in December last year to 131 billion in January. However, later volumes even exceeded previous highs in February, have amounted to $ 157 billion.

The report also does not exclude the possible start of the season altcoins. This is especially true in connection with how Cardano, Ethereum Classic and IOTA rapidly recovered after a small correction.

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