Check your car yourself with the latest version of Torque Pro

If you’re the owner of my modern cars you must know the technician depends entirely on your examination of the faults which are connected with the ship’s computer to read the cause of the problem faced by the vehicle.
Of course, this device needs prior knowledge on how to deal with him to explore the mistakes.

In contrast and because you’re not that technical No this device high price relatively, and you always talk to the technician to the cause to stop the vehicle or cause of the appearance of engine code on the screen, or any of the icons and messages presented by modern cars.

Because you’re not that technical , there is a way to sing to your question and you can identify the problems faced by the vehicle during the cutting of the famous OBD2 that are available in the markets and stores personal on Facebook. A piece of OBD2 are available at a price no more than $ 20 and are compatible with many modern cars.

Apply today we are linked with a piece of OBD2 is here version monopoly paid the full advantages of on-trend cut with OBD2 via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and read and analyze the cause of the problem that appear on the screen to identify with the pieces that need to maintenance or change with the mention of a lot of detail about it.

For the Torque Pro the ability to view how efficient a battery hybrid with high accuracy and works to connect with what’s on there. computer composite of details.

What we’re offering today is the app Torque Pro with the latest issued volume of 13 MB, and to download it follow the link below:
Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) v1.8.205

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