Chat line Google next to problems applying their own correspondence

Chat خطة قوقل القادمة لتخطي مشاكل تطبيقاتها الخاصة بالمراسلة

Chat خطة قوقل القادمة لتخطي مشاكل تطبيقاتها الخاصة بالمراسلة

Despite being the most important technology companies in the world to own their largest operating system for smartphones, but Google has always been suffering from entering the field of messaging apps, in contrast with the rest of the areas in which its intervention successfully and to a high level.

Since its launch for the Android application Google Messages or messages Google, the company is unable to make application within the professional app for phones memory, maybe lack of support and development were behind it, but with this came the company after a period to try to revive the market in this area and submitted the application but at the same time, but unfortunately not up to the desired level of success in spite of the great advantages of the medium, particularly its support to the assistant with Google intelligent.

On the opposite, other Messaging apps for big companies to put themselves as the background for all users; for example, can Apple developed iMessage from the beginning and continued to develop it, becoming one of the most important applications most used on smart phones, perhaps the reason behind that interesting Big of Apple applications since its launch. There are also apps such as WhatsApp has achieved great success after its launch due to the method used to connect to the user particularly with the app, making it more like a correspondence course via regular messages, but using the internet, which offers the user many advantages without the costs, and continued it with success after adding the properties such as video and audio and voice calls also.

This made Google plan to change the way she thinks about messaging apps, instead of developing a new application or to improve application to its previous, the company will work on the development of Chat or messaging system of Android in general.

What is the idea of Chat and how it works?

The idea that trying to Google launch is to build a core application in Android that allows all the advantages of messaging apps is normal, so replace the “messages” the phone in the system.

This is going to be linked mainly to the network provider communication, so that the plan of Google is not based on the adoption application online, as is the case with other applications, but the services of the contact normal, just like ordinary messages, and to exploit the potential benefits offered by Messaging in general to develop the advantages of many extra and merge it with the Chat, which can allow the user the possibility of sending and receiving photos and video normally.

But this will be linked to the mainly providers of trafficking in case save it to the users or not, as that data will be in encrypted on telecom companies and not on the techniques of Google, where will be the role of Google on the development of the application, will be the telecommunications companies responsible for the provision of the service and protection of the user.

Perhaps the idea is too big, but you can achieve the success hoped?



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