Charlie Lee predicted up Litecoin in five years

The maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee is actively involved in the life of the cryptocurrency market. Last week, he commented on the start of the reception Verge as a means of payment on Pornhub. In his opinion, participation of the adult entertainment industry is one of the key factors in the development of any niche. Now he raised the issue of your own creation.

The Rate Of Litecoin. The comment of the Creator of the cryptocurrency

Prospects and current coins Charlie discussed in an interview with the founder of a startup TenX Julian Hosom. First of all, the entrepreneurs talked about selling their savings in lytkino, reports RBC. We will remind, the developer did this to eliminate the influence on the course of bitcoin and the emergence of conflict of interest.

Despite his doubts, globally, I still think it was the right move, but from the point of view on the short term when the price goes down considerably, it seems that it wasn’t the right decision.

To evaluate the correctness of the choice will only when the price of Litecoin will be a historical high.

In order that the currency was indeed global, decentralized, it should not be a leader, trying to control the situation. To make Litecoin is decentralized, I’ll step aside. I believe that in five years when the price will return to the record high, I can finally confirm that this is the right move.

Today Litecoin is trading at 151 dollars. The peak value occurred on the 19th of December — then the coin was given to 372 USD. I hope Lee said about the five years with the reserve, and in fact, LTC will fly to the moon much earlier.

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