Charlie Lee: hacking Bithumb did not affect the fundamental advantages of Bitcoin

The recent hacker attack on one of the largest exchanges Bithumb did not affect the essence of the crypt, says the Creator of Litecoin. Charlie does not see drops in the prices of cryptocurrencies nothing but panic out of nowhere. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

The advantages of cryptocurrencies is still in force

Holes in the security systems cripture – a temporary phenomenon. According to Lee, the exchangers are constantly looking for new ways more secure transfers of their clients. The Creator of Litecoin also predicts a “paradigm shift”. Soon ordinary people will have more to worry about your digital assets than in Fiat money.

If the exchange is hacked, it does not affect themselves cryptocurrencies. The fundamental advantages of the crypts do not change, we just need to find more secure ways to exchange coins.

Charlie does not consider a prolonged drop in Bitcoin a serious problem, because “the cryptocurrencies are still good.” The developers are confident that the price dynamics of Bitcoin separated from its fundamentals. Whether has mentioned increase in the number of nodes in a network, Lightning Network and the new record Hasrat cryptocurrencies.

However, Lee was not called at least the approximate date of the fracture of the bearish trend.

I have been involved in kriptonyte for more than seven years. Bearish cycles in the stock market still continued for three or four years. However, this trend need not be repeated in this time the market may recover tomorrow, and in four years.

We will remind, on June 19 South Korean stock exchange Bithumb was hacked, which led to the loss of cryptocurrencies in the amount of 31.5 million dollars. Bithumb to suspend all conclusions and deposits on accounts. According to Coinmarketcap, the volume of trading Bithumb fell from 374 to 236 million dollars in just 24 hours.

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