Charlie Lee: cryptocurrency Grin and Beam have more potential than Bitcoin

Grin and Beam are now the two most discussed digital currencies among investors. New projects are not traded on major exchanges, but the Protocol MimbleWimle has already attracted enough attention by major market players and analysts.

We will remind, last week the Grin was positioned as one of the closest to Bitcoin coins. Unfortunately, even the massive PR not insured project from the fall rate is 98 percent. Now to the implicit promotion of the cryptocurrency was joined by the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee. He stated that the potential of the Beam to Grin and scalability several times exceeds the technical possibilities of Bitcoin.

The fight for first place

MimbleWimble was first presented to the world in 2016, an anonymous developer Tom Elvis Jedusor. His nickname went from books about Harry Potter, the name of the Protocol is also made based on the spells of the Saga. The main “focus” MimbleWimble became unprecedented level of privacy of the amount and addresses the transaction in the network of cryptocurrency is completely hidden from prying eyes.

Protocol plan to add to Monero as sidechained. The Creator of the coins Ricardo Spagni have already reported via Twitter about the first steps in integration MimbleWimble.

The Creator of Litecoin expressed his admiration for the potential of the Protocol in the live podcast Magical Crypto Friends. Charlie believes that MimbleWimble has all the chances to make the private cryptocurrency really scalable to a whole new level. Moreover, the Protocol can even receive the Bitcoin and Lidoine.

Source: Cryptos

However, while this is purely theory Charlie Lee. According to him, integration MimbleWimble requires serious work on the safety of sidechained, so to move in this direction is impractical.

Rates for coins and market conditions being followed in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. Market capitalization today is 119 billion dollars.


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