Charges for the Apple TV to send data to browse the internet for China – Apple want officially!

There are now arrows of the criticism of Apple, following press reports stating that they are sending data to surf the internet users to the company Tencent the Chinese.

اتهامات لآبل بإرسال بيانات تصفح الإنترنت للصين - آبل ترد رسمياً

The transmitted data includes the websites that are visited through the Safari browser in addition to IP devices iPhone and iPad as claimed by Press reports.

There are some official information provided by Apple about this in the security and privacy settings it says that in order to protect the user from fraudulent sites where the warning appears that if a user visits one of them.

To do this, think Apple companies such as Google, American and Tencent of China, which have extensive experience in the field of export safe and they have complete lists and databases listed out all of the fraudulent websites that may harm the user.

Apple responded officially to the accusations

Published Apple’s official response to the accusations through a statement published by the website AppleInsider said that the Apple Safari browser already has a feature to combat fraudulent sites to protect users.

Be sure any site is increased by cross-matching the address of the site to increase its list of fraudulent websites have companies Google and Tencent and show warning if it’s matching.

Apple has denied the participation of the addresses of internet sites with their partners who visit the service’s Safe Browsing, said that this feature can be disabled if the user has any doubts about it.

You can disable the feature that spins the table around it by going to Settings > Safari > disable option warning website fraudulent Fraudulent Website Warning. (I don’t recommend this anyway!).

اتهامات لآبل بإرسال بيانات تصفح الإنترنت للصين - آبل ترد رسمياً

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