Challenge Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2019 is the public discussion about the future echnology

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I used to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook to place a ” personal challenge ” for himself at the beginning of each year. I’ve been doing it a few years ago, at least publicly, has been revealed to us now what he intends to devote time this year. In fact, he revealed to us Mark Zuckerberg that he will return this year to host a series of public debates to talk about the future of technology.

It was a personal challenge for Mark Zuckerberg, through the year 2018 is fixed the problem of Facebook in the fight against hate speech training in the elections on its platform. Many still argue that the biggest social network in the world has not yet been able to address these problems.

In a publication on the Facebook, stated Mark Zuckerberg said : ” there are a lot of important questions about the world in which we want to live in and technology“, and added that the challenge that in the current year is ” hosted a series of public discussions to talk about the future of technology in society – opportunities and challenges, hopes and fears “.

Indicates that, although this would be interesting from an intellectual, then this would be a personal challenge. And Mark Zuckerberg that he would put himself in the place less comfortable for him to participate more in some of these discussions about the future and the tradeoffs that we face and where we want to go.

Unfortunately, there is not currently any information about when Will Mark Zuckerberg conducted the first general conversation about the future of technology.

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