Challenge 10 years may be a way to teach intelligence one facial recognition

Spread occurs 10 years heavily on social networking sites in the past few days, and this photo-intensive may be a great way to teach the technology of artificial intelligence for facial recognition.

Match the “control” users of social networking sites published photos of the two together, so that the first show the person 10 years ago and the second Shape of the current, and there is talk significantly participated in many of the celebrities and even the Prime Minister of Singapore.

While at first glance may be harmless or dangerous, only that the author of the technique of raised the issue that he may be using these images to teach the technique to get to the destination, data is very excellent for the training algorithms of face recognition on work in progress and the report of the work.

These pictures probably already exist on social networking sites such as Facebook into, but it was hard to know when it was taken, and now with this challenge I became this information is available, where people can share their pictures of themselves without thinking of the possible consequences.

Sure, most people when they participated their photos in the challenge 10 years ago, the goal was probably to allow the photos to friends to press it to show the extent of change over the years, however we need to think about what could be the applications potential to our information before we share them fully on social media sites.

Even now it is not known who created this challenge, while denied Facebook cleaned, amid expectations that the investor in facial recognition technology are responsible, ultimately it may be simple user is initiated by!

Source: wired

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