Chairman of the eMargin spent the previous rumors say that the Apple didn’t invest in the company

Apple Company

A few days ago rumors that Apple and LG and Valve has to invest in a company called eMargin specializing in the creation of mini-screens home virtual reality and augmented reality. Has been reached this conclusion after monitoring some of the files that allude to that in the position of the securities and Exchange Commission of America.

However, it seems that it is not true, at least according to the Chief Executive Officer of eMargin, Mr. Jeffrey Lucas, who broke his silence to clarify things. According to Mr. Jeffrey Lucas, it was explained that the reason Apple and LG and the Valve in its documents submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission is because his company has conducted discussions with the companies mentioned in the events industry.

Mr. Jeffrey Lucas also that if you decide that corporate investment, they are made have different prices. As the Company issued eMargin an official statement saying : ” until now, to the knowledge of the company, did not participate any of these technical companies in the survey “. However, it is easy to see why these companies are interested in company, eMargin, even if they do not necessarily invest in it.

However, it should be noted that all companies involved have some kind of interest in technology, augmented reality and virtual reality. Apple is currently interested in software-related only, but previous rumors hinted that Apple is working on the helmet augmented reality. For LG, it has already revealed about the helmet virtual reality, while the company decided Valve to cooperate with HTC to develop the helmets of virtual reality and HTC Vive.


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