Chairman of the board of Sony and its executive director the former announces his retirement

رئيس مجلس إدارة سوني ومديرها التنفيذي السابق يعلن تقاعده

Announced Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony Corporation retired from his position today after his assumption of the presidency of the company for more than 6 years; twice where Sony’s having a hard time prove his administrative capabilities and marched to the police for security.

Has Hirai took the position of executive director in the company in 2012 after a loss in the company’s revenues past $ 6.8 million in 2011, and to reduce operational costs and conclusion future plans that successfully return the company to profit from the new.

Has left Hirai as CEO of the company last April to include his colleague in the board of directors Center Yoshida, who is still on top of his work even today, Hirai said in a speech a declaration of his retirement that confident of a strong relationship between the staff of Sony under the leadership of Yoshida, and it was time to devote himself to his personal life after his service as long as 35 years under the administration of the company, expressed sincere gratitude to the staff of the company and the shareholders, who have won their trust during his tenure and wishing a brighter future for Sony.

In a will pay the retirement decision came into force on June 18, care while choosing the person who will take the product instead of about him, as he will remain supportive of the company through its survival as a consultant Emeritus to go to the police in time of need.

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