Chain stores and Amazon Go Smart now will be the possibility of payment in cash

Amazon Go

I designed stores and Amazon Go to simplify the process of shopping for the customers. You can login and take the things that you want and get out of the store. Is calculated the invoice automatically even the amount of your credit card. However, it seems that Amazon decided to change things a bit now by accepting cash during a purchase.

Confirmed Amazon news agency CNBC it will begin to accept the possibility of payment in cash in chain stores, Amazon Go. This will not happen immediately, it is still not clear how will Amazon this change, but speaking in the name of the company said that customers will be able to ” calculate the bill and pay cash and then get their dues “.

This would represent a significant change to the system that has been based retailer Amazon Go. Built all this up in the first place on the concept of not having to exchange. One of the main limitations that were imposed on clients is that it was with regard to them owning the accounts of Amazon to shop Amazon Go. If you don’t have an account or credit card registered with Amazon, you will not be able to buy anything from the store unless they meet these conditions.

Will this change the mood of customers to buy goods from stores and Amazon Go and enable the company expanded to additional locations throughout the United States. Customers will be able to who still want to get the experience of the non-cash purchase from out with their purchases as it was before.


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