CFO of PayPal: Bitcoin is not interesting for entrepreneurs because of the volatility

In late April, co-founder of PayPal, bill Harris statedthat Bitcoin is the biggest fraud in the history of mankind. The main drawback of the first cryptocurrency, the top Manager called it futility as a means of payment. With it partly agree PayPal CFO John Rainey. According to him, while the payment system is not interested in bitcoin as means of payment because of the high volatility of the coins. This writes Cointelegraph.

What will happen to Bitcoin the opinion of the CFO PayPal

As an example, Rainey led PayPal. Currently the payment system does not work with Bitcoin because the value of a coin can change dramatically. This situation can lead to loss of money and confidence in the company, he says.

If you are an entrepreneur, take 10 percent from the transaction and accept Bitcoin, that is a risk that tomorrow the exchange rate of the coins may fall by 15 percent and you lose your profit.

While the rate of the Bitcoin and other coins are not stabiliziruemost, they are not widely used, said Rainey.

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