#CES2018 Sony group of audio products for home entertainment to 2018

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Lovers of home entertainment will receive a set of audio products to choose from, and credit is due to Sony and that you may know of some products such as speaker type sound bars and headphones and that won’t be available in the market in the autumn.

The speakers Sound Bars

Enjoy your Sony many speakers of type soundbar that will display at the CES 2018, all of them are designed for home entertainment. This new collection includes the HT-Z9F and HT-X900F that the company will put technology Vertical Surround Engine their such as women’s mini-HT-S200F and which supports 2.1 audio channel and with promises it’s going to be a surround-sound wide and deep bass is wonderful, and supports also Dolby Audio, and a subwoofer integrated.

As for the HT-Z9F and HT-X900F will put the techniques to great them, in addition to the Vertical Surround Engine that we talked about before such as technology DTS:X and Dolby Atmos as the HT-Z9F supports 7.1.2 ch and Wi-Fi that make it easy to play music from the internet. Comes HT-Z9F priced at 899.99$ and HT-X900F at a price of 599.99$.


Sony did not lose sight of the lovers of the speakers of the classic, allowing groups SS-CSE New that support Dolby Atmos suitable to you. inevitably, these headphones are designed to be placed above the shelves or on the floor with 100 watt and a frequency range from 70 Hz to 32000 Hz. And price not yet determined.

Blu-ray وReceiver

Sony have produced a player UBP-X700 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc and the future of the STR-DH790. And they support the technology Dolby Atmos. Your STR-DH790 supports DTS:X and also supports 5.1.2 ch and CD Player.

With the UBP-the X700 will get techniques HDR10 and Dolby Vision also technology genuine cinema sound and offers the watch through Netflix and Prime Video and YouTube. The price of devices has not happened yet.


This topic #CES2018 Sony group of audio products for home entertainment for 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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