CES 2019 on a date with and then projects supported by the artificial intelligence of the Samsung

معرض CES 2019 على موعد مع ثمان مشاريع مدعمة بالذكاء الاصطناعي من سامسونج

Announced Samsung on it will detect then the new projects supported by the artificial intelligence program within the C-Lab (Creative Lab), which was launched 6 years ago, where you will project the output of her lab creative to different ranges of software tools and smart small this is in addition why would his company also products other business during the CES to be held in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, 2019.

Came in the company’s announcement that it will technique Tisplay also launched and is competent to display ads on the videos, but by default and me which will enable the user to add the declaration in a direct manner during broadcast of a particular video drop the logo or trademark for example on a T-shirt or the robe of one of the people in the video in a manner entirely consistent with the process of live streaming video.

aiMo is a device shaped external cover for smartphone contains the ear trying to the human ear and used to facilitate industry to content ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a type of methods that used to relax and spread recently through private channels, with ASMR on YouTube either focus on a certain style of audio tracks or video recording to do a certain God or buzzing the friction of the nail with a piece of Cork such as; where the listener feels one in the back of the head tingling and light at the top of the neck and the spine in the case of its response to the stimulus audio or visual certain.

MEDEO is a service broadcast live video with a mechanism to control the instant on video during its manufacture process is easy and simple as shown in the following video:

PRISMIT is analysis service Tell Me powered by artificial intelligence running on search results rankings schedules help the user to understand the particular case says searching for since the beginning of any give it a holistic view about an event or issue within the chronological order of sequential events, see the following video:

Perfume Blender or perfume maker a service that enables the user to access branded special perfume his favorite by to attach images to a particular perfume to your service to analyze its components to the elements to allow the user industry to access via the device facility which can accommodate eight different components used in the manufacture of custom access.

Girin Monitor Stand a monitor stand robot can change its location in different directions to get the user to skin health and proper VS screen:

alight which is the work of another clever phrase when the light of my office he can adapt to the surrounding environment to control the flow of light and the way with the work performed by the user; where they have a camera can change the position of the light automatically corresponds to the position of the user then, for example, the dharma; and wakeup in sleep state or playing on the phone during the study in addition to the possibility of providing a record of a historical process and time periods of the county in which through the application of alight etc.

SnailSound a headphones ear compatible with the application to help people who suffer from hearing problems with a view to providing an inexpensive alternative and at the same time effective to replace the tools to conventional audio recognition techniques of artificial intelligence in knowledge the degree of the photo to the right person.

In a not limited to Samsung products at CES on these projects, smart small of course, will be the conference many consumer products other new which Download All confirm the quality of the Korean giant.

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