CES 2018 : Qualcomm unveils chip custom headphones wireless

In the event the lender within the event the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 revealed Qualcomm about the same QCC5100 a slice or a custom handler for the radio wireless so to speak.

The new chip will make the experience of wireless headsets more intelligent as described by Qualcomm plus it will make the sky the most qualified by 65% in relation to the age of the battery compared with the any headset wireless now exist, if the current rate headphones wireless of 4 to 6 hours the QCC5100 will give the fish about 8 hours .

Have slide dual processor comet with a frequency of 120MHz and broadcast audio transfer 32-bit/192kHz recording with voice audio accurately 24Bit was provided with the chip technology to isolate the noise as it’s equipped with the Bluetooth of the new 5.0.

Qualcomm says that the chip will be available in the new heavens starting from mid 2018.


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