CEO Robinhood: cryptocurrency has a great future

Platform for investing in Robinhood end of March, has attracted 350 million dollars and became one of the largest crypto companies in the United States. The head of a startup Bigu butt said that digital money has a great future, but in the short term rates will only rise. His words leads NewsBTC.

What will happen to cryptocurrency — analyst

According to Batta, the impetus for the development of digital assets will be the release by governments of developing countries like Venezuela national cryptocurrency. The new asset will enable people to use money not subject to hyperinflation, a stock market — grow.

Employees of the company has enabled customers to conduct transactions with the cryptocurrency, after years of evaluation and analysis.

We are watching Bitcoin since 2011. Despite the fact that the coin several times collapses, some time later, she regained the position and set new records cost. It speaks of the tenacity of the community first cryptocurrency and the high potential of Bitcoin.

Robinhood is a payment service, the main distinguishing feature of which is the absence of commissions for transactions. The company operates on a subscription model, which costs 6 to $ 200 per month. A premium subscription allows you to make transactions after the end of trading, and to borrow more money for trading from 1,000 to 50,000. Now at startup about 3 million customers, and the number of paid subscribers is not disclosed.

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