CEO Revolut: institutional investors are not interested in cryptocurrencies

CEO of a startup digital banking Revolut Nicholas storonskiy during a speech at the Web Summit in 2018 in Lisbon said that large institutional investors are not yet ready to enter the market of cryptocurrencies. According to reports of Bloomberg, this is due to a General lack of appetite and interest in cryptocurrency. It was assumed that their cryptozoo should initiate the following bullrun.

According to Starovskogo, banks will not begin to move until the big institutional investors and hedge funds will not be included in cryptosphere. After all, banks it is important to benefit customers. Cryptologist for the past 11 months of the bear market entertains hopes of institutional investors, which should spur the growth rates of cryptocurrencies.

However, experts in the face Starovskogo and CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink skeptical, because their customers do not show interest in this emerging asset class. Fink already showed his attitude towards cryptocurrency. According to the statement, the firm is not going to run ETF on cryptocurrencies, while the market will not work in the legal field.

So institucionales really not interested in cryptocurrency?

As noted on the Platform, of course, we should take into account the opinion and experience of Larry Fink and Nicholas Starovskogo, but the steps from the giants on the type Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions still show interest by institutional clients.

Last month the Boston Foundation Fidelity Investments, the management of which the client is 7.2 trillion dollars, started the branch Fidelity Digital Asset Services. It is focused exclusively on crypto currencies. Then the company representatives stated that 13 are already working with thousands of clients around the world. More data look at cryptodata.

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