CEO of Nintendo knows the status of the shipments of devices Switch


We may share you a lot of news about your company into the new Switch, which brings for the first time between mobile devices for video games and home appliances in a single device can use it like this or like that, where it is used as a home by link to the base of the custom can be connected with TV via HDMI cable, and when removed the device-like tablets of this rule, and the installation tools check case for Joy with you talking to your mobile games full.

It seems that the idea have liked it a lot for games, so that sales of the device since its launch, much superior to the expectations of the company into which led to a real problem in the shipment of devices that were not sufficient to meet the overwhelming response from the masses. Tatsumi Kimishima President of the company need s to comment on the status of the devices shipped during the interview with Diamond Japanese, cities stated that the company need was available in the month of April 2017 to ship 10 million Switch during the fiscal year ending in March 2018, and that this figure was it looks great in that for to TO DEVICE the company’s previous Wii U has failed significantly in the markets, and didn’t charge whole life, only about 13.5 million units, and that throughout the nearly 5 years.

After the overwhelming response on the device need to raise its forecast to 14 million devices during the past year and the increase in production and communicate with the parts suppliers for the manufacture of additional units than planned in the beginning. Well, despite all that however, the shipping amount was not sufficient everywhere, and especially in Japan and Europe, and even now with the beginning of the New Year still there is a shortage in the amount of hardware compared to the request of customers, only the cities confirms that the waiting time for the machine from customers became shorter and no longer up to days (and maybe months) as was the case last year.

So the shipping problems were not completely solved with the availability of strong demand for the device, but it has improved significantly.

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