CEO of Coinbase kicks from the low price of Bitcoin

The Director General of the exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong tweeted, referring primarily to his subordinates. In them, the entrepreneur showed a relationship to the current value of Bitcoin, which he believes is right. It is reported Bitcoinist.

Depreciation of cryptocurrency — a reason for joy

After several years I began to enjoy fall in the value of cryptocurrencies. This allows you to get rid of people who keep it for the wrong reasons, and gives you the opportunity to progress, while everyone else is distracted.

In addition, Armstrong told employees to avoid any overly positive or negative opinions on the future of Bitcoin. He believes that cryptocurrency will rise by the end of the year, but soon may continue to fall. The entrepreneur doesn’t want to do both positive and negative predictions. According to him, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.

What do the owners of Bitcoin today

Hard to say what someone currently owns a Bitcoin for the wrong reasons. It’s hard to understand what the reasons are incorrect. Thanks to data from Chainalysis we know that half of the coins sold today, and the second half will hoditsya. Who is correct and who is not, time will tell.

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