CEO of Apple says that there is no place for hatred on the platform and services company

Tim Cook

Know the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to a lot of criticism in the past few years due to not a lot in order to curb hate speech published on the platform. There have been cases where it took these social networks longer than it should before you remove such content. Now, you want to you Apple to know she hates it too.

Got CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook recently awarded the ” courage against hatred ” of the Association of the Anti-Defamation League, and during his acceptance speech, reiterated Mr. Tim Cook how the product of the company Apple did not have a ” place ” to hate. According to Mr. Tim Cook, has stated by saying : ” We have only one message to those who seek to spread hatred, division and violence : you do not have a place on our platforms. You do not have a home here. “

Earlier this year, I pulled the Apple codification of the audio data belong to extreme right-wing Alex Jones from the application to my iTunes and Podcast. It seems that Apple was the first who did this step and it looked as if a domino effect on the rest of the sector, where follow the lead of other companies such as Youtube and Spotify and Facebook and Twitter will follow suit by preventing him from posting its content on its platforms and services.

Added Mr. Tim Cook : ” We believe that the future must belong to those who use technology to build a better, more inclusive and more hopeful. I think the thing most sacred in each of us is our judgement, our morals, our innate desire to separate right from wrong. If you choose to put this responsibility aside at the moment of decision-making is a sin “.


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