CEO less responds to the criticism of the new design for the

Seemed CEO snape, Evan Spiegel is not worried about the criticism voiced by the users after the new update that changed the design of the application snapchat, in his speech at the Conference of the Goldman Sach internet and technology in San Francisco, the President said that “it will take time for the users”, and added that he is very happy from the feedback received by the app about the new design even if it is negative. Added Spiegel that the philosophy behind the new design aims to distinguish snapchat from the rest of the instant messaging applications and applications that provide a service to the story, and it needs to be a simple time for it, reported that all complaints received are in fact new features not a bug in the design. The comments of Spiegel at a time when the angry reactions of the re-design of the application snapchat has signed more than million users world wide at the site demanding that the company return the old design to investigate also got the app on nearly 200 thousand review the success of the single in the store in the past few weeks. Recall that the last update to apply the snapchat focused on the separation of the content of the video and blockbuster on your side of the story to friends, which led to difficulty in searching for content, and found many users that the recent update has led to difficulty in using the app had a lot of users to try to refer to the old version of snapchat. And across a lot of celebrities and influential for their anger from the update is the latest boost for the protest movement that included, besides the broad millions of comments on social media platforms against snapchat in order to force him to return to the old.

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