CEO Binance: correction of exchange rate of Bitcoin is repeated every year

The current situation in the stock market is not fun. Beginners bite elbows, seeing this correction as the end of all cryptocurrencies. But early investors already know that Bitcoin has been the worst days. CEO Binance Zhao Hanpan reminded traders of the fall of 2014, reports NewsBTC.

The rate of Bitcoin will still grow

Most people only consider recent price changes, forgetting to look at the situation as a whole. Since the beginning of its inception, Bitcoin has experienced tremendous UPS and downs. This means that we now expect a prolonged bearish trend. However, in a few years rise to $ 20,000 on the chart will look a little prevention before the next ballroom.

CEO Binance Zhao Chanpen believes the market behavior is quite normal. In the history of known cases where any new asset has experienced a surge in volatility and sharp appreciation. Chanpen, also called the total graph of Bitcoin is a fractal that is repeated from year to year. If the cubs have seen only take off in 2017, experienced traders still remember the bullish trend up to one thousand dollars in 2013.

No one can predict the price of the cryptocurrency by the end of this year. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin will have another powerful impetus to new heights. Others adopt less positive. However, in the long term from the crypt very good fundamentals, so long remain on the bearish side is impossible.

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