Center LG Software Upgrade Center didn’t keep his promise to bring updates to phones, LG quickly

LG V40 ThinQ

The only disadvantage of Android compared to iOS system of Apple’s retail major, civil Android devices are usually waiting for a very long time before getting updates to the Android main new except for the millions of phones the Google Pixel from Google Inc. that get updates to the Android main by everyone. To fix this problem for its customers, the company LG to establish a new center supports LG Software Upgrade Center almost a year ago in order to bring major updates to its smart phones as soon as possible, but it turns out that this center was not able to fulfill his promises.

When the company announced the LG for open status – ” LG Software Upgrade Center“, the company said that this will be the first facility of its kind in this sector, given that it will aim to provide customers in all over the world the operating system and data faster and on time “.

As explained by website ComputerWorld, the first of which was supervised by this centre is the update Android 8.0 Oreo that was released for the phone LG G6 in the United States of America. This update was released for the phone after almost nine months of the leadership of the company Google launched this update in the beginning. It took another six months to bring this version of the system Android phone LG G5. Although LG has launched LG phone V40 two months after the launch of Android 9 Pie, it has only been charging the phone with Android, 8.1 Oreo, and receives the after update Android 9 Pie.

It’s been over 250 days since the Google Issue Android 9 Pie did not firm LG issued an update to one of its organs. Depends LG G7 One exception because it receives the help of Google to get updates quickly. Didn’t know LG on this matter so far, but it is clear that the center of the LG Software Upgrade Center is only a marketing ploy, at least until now.


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