CBOE: SEC has eliminated the last obstacles to the release of Ethereum futures

At the end of April, the volume of futures trading on Bitcoin at the exchange CBOE reached a record level in five months: during the day, sold 19 thousand contracts.

Success with the issue of options to the first cryptocurrency exchange is pushing to increase the range — trading for six months trying to launch trade in futures on the air. It has now become possible. According to the head of the company Chris Concannon, barriers to the launch of the option to Ether have eliminated the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). This writes Cointelegraph.

The launch of futures trading on the Live

According to Concannon, we are talking about the refusal of the SEC to recognize the Air of security. About it on Thursday was declared by the head of corporate Finance regulator William Hinman.

We welcome the decision of the SEC to provide clarity about the regulation of the Ether. Especially after the statements of the former Chairman of the CFTC Gary Gensler about the intention of the regulator to admit a coin security. It is the decision of the SEC eliminates the stumbling block in the issue of futures on Air.

When the CBOE intends to launch trading in futures on the Broadcast, the head of the exchange said. The publication notes that after the coin marketplace may issue options on Bitcoin Cash, which Concannon said in December 2017.

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