CB: scammers have switched from credit cards to cryptocurrencies

Usually employees of the Bank of Russia criticized the cryptocurrencies. According to them, the coins contribute to money laundering and must be used to purchase prohibited items. It turned out, the good part. For example, because cryptocurrency has decreased the amount of theft from Bank cards.

The danger of cryptocurrencies in numbers

The decline in theft from Bank cards of Russians was recorded by the employees of the Central Bank, according to RNS. Data published in “review of unauthorized transfers of funds”, Center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sector.

During the year, the figure dropped by 10 percent to 961 million rubles. In 2016, the attackers stole 1.08 billion.

Downward trends in the number and amount of unauthorized transactions showed a slight decrease in the activity of the intruders, explaining what may be the active development of cryptocurrency and the switch of interest to them.

Continue to be so long. Staff suggest that legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies will reduce the attractiveness of the niche.

This may result in the increase of their activity in the field of remote payment services and, consequently, increasing the number and amount of unauthorized transactions.

The average amount of unauthorized transactions last year fell by 17% — to 3 thousand roubles.

It seems now to thank the cryptocurrency can even those who’ve never used one and did not sit behind the wheel Lamby.

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