Cats can infect human infection, affecting vision

Toxoplasmosis is a common parasitic disease, which infected one third of the world’s population. Disease caused by Toxoplasma, are able to affect the most vital body systems, primarily the nervous system. The latest research showed that the disease could negatively affect the organs of vision and even cause damage to the retina.

The causative agent of toxoplasmosis Toxoplasma gondii is a simple

What is Toxoplasma and why is it so dangerous?

Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular parasite, which in nature has two hosts: one of them is intermediate, and the second final. So, the definitive hosts are the felids, and the intermediate — birds, Pets, some wild mammals and even people. Human infection occurs by the so-called alimentary when a person swallows oocytes of Toxoplasma from food and by direct contact with infected animals, or failure to comply with the rules of hygiene. Despite the relatively mild course of the disease in the adult, toxoplasmosis can be extremely dangerous for fetal development during pregnancy.

You should know that man is not the ultimate goal of the parasite that seeks by any means to get into the body of any feline. In order to achieve its goal, Toxoplasma gondii can have a strong influence on the behavior of his master. So, once in the body of a rat or mouse, Toxoplasma takes the control of the nervous system of the animal, literally guiding the rodent to the nearest cat. Numerous studies show that simple is able to control the level of dopamine in the body of a rat or mouse with one simple goal: to find a beast of prey and literally throw it into the mouth, once so in the body of your pet.

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In that case, if the parasite somehow gets into the human body, in the body of the latter also begin to occur some changes. It is believed that the patient with toxoplasmosis is more inclined to risk, he greatly reduced the reaction rate and raises the anxiety, bordering on neuroticism. In addition there were some highly original personality changes that vary due to gender. So, men become more aggressive, and women begin to differ frankness and candor. Scientists are still not revealed what exactly accounts for such differences in the behavior of men and women suffering from toxoplasmosis, as it is unlikely that the candor or increased aggressiveness may allow Toxoplasma to force his victim to be eaten by a cat.

However, nature, as the saying goes, do not argue.

The main goal of Toxoplasma is ingested cats

Toxoplasmosis affects human vision

A study conducted by an international research group from Flinders University and the University of são Paulo, showed that Toxoplasma affects not only human behavior, but also affects the organs of vision. So, the team studied proteins from infected retinal cells, which provoke the neighboring uninfected cells of the eye to the escalation, causing specific lesions. During a large-scale study among patients with toxoplasmosis, it was revealed that the infection causes specific lesions of the eye in more than 90% of cases.

The main ophthalmic manifestation of the disease are lesions on the fundus, and cellular reaction in the vitreous body

The study was conducted in a group of 263 people for the past 28 months. The results showed that T. gondii to infect the pigment cells of the human retina and reduce the production of an important protein TSP1, which causes the growth of tissue of uninfected cells and as a result makes these cells more susceptible to infection. Dr Joao Furtado, one of the researchers from the University of são Paulo and the International Agency for prevention of blindness, says that these studies will help suffering from toxoplasmosis in alleviating the symptoms of the disease, namely the deterioration of vision.

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Due to the fact that currently there is no universal vaccine against toxoplasmosis, the world Health Organization recommends basic hygiene rules, which include washing hands, using clean water and proper cooking.

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