Catch the wave! On a surfboard from Tesla

Tesla expanded its range of own branded products by submitting a surfboard, which is valued at $1500.

The company’s Elon musk I love to please buyers various branded items, ranging from leather jackets, made of the same automobile leather, and interior of Tesla electric cars, to flamethrowers from The Boring Company.

The turn – surfboards. They are trimmed with carbon fiber, and their appearance “is a mix of high-quality matte and glossy coating used on all cars Tesla”.

Unfortunately, the Board released a limited number – only 200 pieces. And despite the fact that they valued at $1500, they were all dismantled. If you want to buy such a Board, for what it’s worth, I can look on eBay – where they sell for $2000-$4000. The first lucky ones will get their Tesla surfboard for 2-10 weeks.

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