Casio reveal the new lineup of G-Shock #CES2018

This topic Casio reveal the new lineup of G-Shock #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

Announced the Casio within the activities of the CES conference in 2018 for a watch by G-Shock new GPR B-1000 from the family of Rangeman which comes with GPS GPS and solar powered, where containing the new arena actually on the panels of solar energy to charge the former, if you leave the previous in the direct sun for at least four hours is the company that offers you a full hour using GPS.

Solar panels located an hour can serve as a charger an additional helper functions of the smart watch, they are certainly useful in cases of Camping, for which it needs its users to be a way to charge energy, but in the case of using the wireless charger of its own you can charge the G-Shock for shipment by 100% in five hours.

While the back of the watch is made of ceramic material which is a first for G-Shock, it comes with a thickness of 2 mm is allowed through to the Network Wireless, there are also some other features which consists in the possibility of working under low temperatures up to -4 below zero and also work under depths of up to 200m will come in at a price of $ 800 and the beginning of the month of April.

Besides this he has also announced the Casio G-Shock series G-SQUAD New, the beginning of the GBA-800 which is scheduled to be available in six models, and will be more suited to sports clothes and informal, and comes equipped for 3 axes can also be synced with its own app on the phone to measure the operations of the fitness through the contact app via Bluetooth, it did not disclose any details about the date of the offering and prices.


This topic Casio reveal the new lineup of G-Shock #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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