Cash in the shipments of copy of 12-inch MacBook hints for coming a new version soon


It’s been more than a year since Apple updated the version of the 12-inch MacBook. However, it seems that we are approaching the announcement of the new version of this laptop because it seems that some retail stores have started to reduce stocks of the current version, indicating that they reduced their requests for the current in anticipation of receiving the new version.

Don’t know much about the new version of MacBook with a 12 inch at the moment because the focus was on the new versions of the MacBook Pro announced by Apple recently, in addition to the new version of the MacBook Air that we’ve heard lately, only that it will be released late in the second quarter of this year.

However, there is a good chance that solves the new MacBook with a 12-inch replace MacBook Air. We also need to ask whether the mechanism of the new butterfly used in the keyboards of computers MacBook Pro 2018 will make their way to the computers, MacBook other due to how thin it is, but we hope that Apple do.

Will Apple for iPhone new in the month of September. Is likely to don’t know an Apple computers new Mac at this event, but will defer it probably until the month of October next. However, if you are thinking of buying a MacBook new, it may be better for you to wait a few months if you don’t have an immediate need to a laptop computer.



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