Cars Toyota future will come with features the automatic stop of the engine start-stop automatic control


Likely to be leaving your car in idle state one of the worst things that you can do in relation to fuel consumption. Perhaps in an attempt to help improve the efficiency of energy use, announced the company Toyota is expected to come in its future cars with automatic shutdown of the engine.

According to the company Toyota, has stated by saying : ” you will feature Auto Shut Off to stop the engine automatically after a predefined time period in case of leaving the car running. Will future improvements the application of the smart phone as a reminder of the extra “. It has explained the company’s they already offer a similar advantage in the context of its ancient, where you notify the driver turn off the engine if it is available for a long time, but this new feature announced by the company today save things to the next level by doing this on behalf of the driver.

In addition to the feature turn off the car engine automatically, has announced the company’s also that its future cars will come with a feature to turn off the car also. Doesn’t mean that the car will stop itself, but if I found out that the driver got out of the car without putting the shifter in his place, will do it herself. This is a safety feature designed to help reduce the risk rolled the car due to forgetting the drivers to pull the hand brake or put their car in the standby mode. Is expected to make these new features their way to the car of Toyota coming in next year, so it may be good to undo the purchase of a new car now if you are looking to take advantage of these features.


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