Care in the darkness: why John McAfee is leaving Twitter?

The founder of the firm McAfee and the infamous millionaire John McAfee has decided to go into the shadows. In particular, he has recently announced that it will no longer be anything to post in his Twitter account. Recall that John was often at the center of scandals with the pump coins, and his famous prediction about a million dollars per Bitcoin is still a subject of jokes in cryptocommunist.

What happened to McAfee?

In the words of the millionaire, care caused by a growing friction with the US authorities.

The IRS, in conjunction with the national security Agency and the FBI pursue my former employees (two of them are already under house arrest) and business partners, keep track of my Bank account, and even followed my mechanics. Later I will post the audio evidence. I invented the technology they use. I — McAfee.

The reason for the proposed surveillance is unknown. As far as we know, he officially McAfee is not subject to prosecution authorities. Later, on account of John there were “farewell message”.

The circumstances forced John McAfee to lay low. Please be advised that this account will lead the team to John to clarify further the circumstances. We will post more information later.

By the way, in one of his recent posts he is not in the best tone reminisced about Ethereum and Vitalice Uterine.

People often ask my opinion on Ethereum. Honestly, I prefer coins with one syllable and I don’t like the pronunciation of “Ethereum”. In addition, many of my friends who holdeth ETH, strangely dressed. And, of course, Buterin looks like some sort of underfed. But do not take this message as advice to invest.

What will happen with John, stay in our cryptodata.


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