Cardano promises an update to the end of the month. Waiting for growth?

CEO IOHK and Creator of the cryptocurrency Cardano Charles Hoskinson answered questions from subscribers on YouTube. He spoke about the upcoming update and Shelly for Cardano 1.4. According to Hoskinson, the development process went well and is now at the stage of regression testing. The biggest changes happened in the backend of the purse. And this piece of code was checked first.

We have conducted several tests and no problems have been identified. This is very important because the amount of code is very large. The kernel has undergone a very deep refactoring, we found new solutions for databases, and therefore decided to abandon large quantities of stores. Instead moved to the small store and increased the efficiency.

He later added that the development was finished a few weeks ago, and the rest of the time only tests. Responsible head of the testing Department IOHK Alan Maknikolas with his team.

The team says that there are very few. Update 1.4 is tentatively scheduled for the end of November or the beginning of December. This update will be the most significant for the ecosystem Cardano. Version 1.4 is mainly updated the codebase of the backend of the purse. Writes Ambcrypto, Hoskinson have already mentioned that the current code Cardano SL was not intended for long-term use, so in the updated code the developers will fix a lot. There is also the elimination of dependencies and a substantial revision of the architecture.

After upgrading to 1.4 all future updates will be tied to Shelly. One of the planned major updates will be new code Ouroboros BFT.

Recall that Cardano does not always go so smoothly. For example, in October the founder of the coin and community members demanded the resignation of the head of Cardano Foundation. So far, new data for this situation were reported. Follow the news in our cryptodata.

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