Car Xmotion new Nissan include 7 screen voice assistant.

Reviewed the Nissan model of car SUV new Xmotion within the activities of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the car is sold new from the outside as normal for cars of this kind but after taking a step to the inside, you will impressed by the quantity of screens and technical devices used in the car. The car a total of seven touch-screens along the front end of driving to provide maximum comfort to the passengers and the driver, with the possibility to control it via gestures or touch or sound, as well as includes the previous voice assistant and run the engine by fingerprint reader built into the car. And the Japanese company through the model of this car give us a glimpse into the future of cars, and strange things inside the car Xmotion we find some column from the wood of cedar trees runs the length of the cabin between the seats which is of traditional Japanese items. And car 6 seats in 3 row, available the car electrical system self-drive to help the driver while driving, and did not remember the April any data on power generators and batteries, it is interesting that Nissan chose to reveal the new car in Detroit and not at CES in Las Vegas where it is usually view these types of cars is not conventional, according to company spokesman will the Xmotion is the new concept car is still under study and design.

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