Capture 360 degrees through the Facebook app this way

Provided Facebook posting photos of 360 degree cross-platform application almost a year ago, except that some don’t know that the camera Facebook application can capture images 360 degrees as well, and it’s not hard, it’s like a panoramic imaging through a camera phone, but didn’t pick up panoramic pictures of the before, it’s easy, all you need is to click on the option Photo the new 360 when you update the status, then press the blue button and follow the path of the Decree until the circle is complete.

You can also select frames to start and which start from a picture in the show, and doctor footage as well as the reference to the friends in the picture. After completion of taking pictures added to your posts, and can also share them via albums or groups. You can choose a picture 360 degrees as the cover photo for your profile on Facebook.

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