“Canvas” — a new web app for drawing

Google, in the bins where there is a lot of pilot projects of “smart” utilities for the compression of images without loss of quality to mobile apps for learning programming, has introduced a web app Canvas. It allows users with web browsers to feel the artists to develop their drawing skills using virtual brushes and a manually created palettes and then share them with friends and family.

“Canvas” has nothing to do with professional applications of drawing and modeling images. As such he does not be limited tools. In the current version of the app, users have only four tools for drawing: pencil, pen, marker and chalk. The fifth tool is the eraser, which should be the main companion is a young artist, because drawing with the mouse.

Why you really need a “Canvas”

Unfortunately, Canvas does not allow the use of external tools for drawing, such as, tablet and stylus, and even does not run on the iPad, which minimizes its usefulness. On the other hand, Google is not declared “Canvas” as an application for established artists, and obviously released it to demonstrate the capabilities of the proprietary Google library Ink embedded in WebAssembly.

Despite this, all the tools of the “Canvas” is pretty clearly responding to user movement, and allow you to configure the intensity and thickness of lines. In addition, the software allows the tinting colors to create custom shades that most closely match his views about artistic skill.

Canvas is available in all web browsers with support WebAssembley, including Firefox and Chrome for Android. Compatible with smartphones and “tablets” on the basis of “green robot” makes the app more convenient to use.

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