Can’t use call recording apps with Android 9 Bay .. but there is a solution

Call recording is part of a thorny issue when it comes to privacy, no one likes to record his calls and he doesn’t know. And with that the call recording apps on Play Store with that of other risks to privacy and security.

It seems that Google started to take practical steps to reduce it, after having removed interface software development API registration calls since Android 6 marshmallow, it became more difficult with the latest version, Android 9 Bay.

As reported by the developers of two of the most call recording apps famous that he can no longer use the app without a process for “root” root with Android 9 Bay.

Company has published a developer to develop a Call Recorder -ACR published a detailed teaches users this bad news, confirmed that none of the recording apps external calls will not be able to work anymore, it’s “root”.

It should be noted that the Android system 9 Bay does not provide any feature to record calls now, maybe you might see the provision of this feature in Android 9.1.

What do you think about this step of Google? Share your opinion the comments.

The US can use call recording apps with Android 9 Bay .. but there is a solution posted first in are.

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