Can’t subscribe to plucking Deluxe via iPhone anymore.

Announced Netflix app has recently signed his acceptance of the costs of the involvement of new users across iOS through the app directly.

It is just the latest example of the broadcast content famous to abandon the system Pay Apple to get more profit for yourself without sharing your Apple part of all the cost of subscription you receive within the app.

Should now users of Netflix on the iPad and iPhone move to pay their subscription monthly via the company’s website through a browser such as Safari, but for those who they create a monthly subscription via the app already, they can continue using it for a while.

Of course, still pay the monthly subscription through the app using push services Apple TV is much easier due to the possibility of putting the information fully automatically, but a problem Apple TV a large part of the subscriptions of the applications themselves forced Netflix to take this step.

Recall that the Apple TV and you deduct 30% of every monthly subscription a user to pay for any app on iOS, although this percentage reduced to 15% only after a full year of continuous warmth for the same application, a policy has been applied in 2016 after the presentation many of the companies complaints against it.

This has been encountered Google’s criticism is similar to the existence of deductions when you subscribe from within the app on Android, what made Netflix says previously also cease receiving the monthly subscription cost via the application for Android and replace it in its official site, as the company’s Epic Games developed game Fortnite famous Android available game by to download from outside the store Google Play just to get a bigger share of the profits as well.

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