Canon officially reveal the specifications of the camera, the EOS 1D X Mark III

Revealed Canon today announced the specifications released possible of DSLR cameras that know camera EOS 1D X Mark III which is currently under development by the company.

Reviewed canon officially specification and design of the camera 1D X Mk3 in a presentation of the company, prior to the launch of the cable car officially in the Olympics 2020.

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Design camera EOS 1D X Mark III

  • Come camera design of magnesium alloy with bright buttons
  • Includes Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth integrated
  • Data transfer via Ethernet at double the speed of the Mark II
  • Support cards CFexpress
  • The LCD screen does not support the bend

May not vary the design of the camera 1D X Mk3 of the first version, except for the handle design of the cable car, but they do not differ in general from my camera the Mk2 and Mk3.

Confirmed canon that the camera comes buttons illuminated, including the button to Auto Focus, also comes the camera LCD does not support the bend.

Have started canon support cards CFexpress in versions related to the category of possible of cameras of the company, and 1D X Mk3 is also one of the versions that come with support for cards CFexpress to provide higher speeds in the transfer of the content when shooting quick shots, or 4K video.

Also come camera Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth built contact, with improvements in communication the Ethernet that feature at double the speed in transfer of data compared to the previous version.

Performance of the EOS 1D X Mark III

Canon offers the camera 1D X Mk3 set could include a new algorithm for automatic focus, and automatic deep to support the performance of the fastest in the cable car with The realize method, the user gradually, as comes camera the CMOS sensor featured with autofocus Dual Pixel.

Also supports the camera feature continuous shooting up to 16 frames per second, with auto focus and Ae through the viewfinder, or 20 frames per second in live view, also supports the user in browsing through a lens or rear LCD screen, support the performance of the best and fastest in export.

Also supports Canon cameras 1D X Mk3 improvements in battery life that comes with the same capacity battery in each camera Mark III وMark II.

The quality of the audio and video recording in the camera 1D X Mk3

  • Sensor CMOS full frame without determining the accuracy of the sensor
  • Support format 10-bit HEIF high efficiency in the export
  • The performance higher ISO sensitivity compared to cameras Mark II
  • Processor the Digic 9 new
  • Support video recording raw 4k at 60 frames per second

Came previous version of the camera the Mark II is equipped with 20.2-megapixel and is expected to apply to the whole vehicle Mark III strictly 24 mega pixel camera, while confirming the canon on they use new sensor in this version.

How come the camera processor Digic new page, where the Apply processor Digic 9, with ISO sensitivity of customers is higher, and the ability to take pictures coordinate HEIF.

Also supports full control of Mark III 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, with the feature of video recording raw when 10 – bit, to determine the use of the card CFexpress.

In the end, may not come to the camera 1D X Mark III a big change in the exterior design of the previous version Mark II, but is expected to support the accuracy and quality of the top in photography, also come at a higher rate in the continuous shooting, coupled with advanced technology in Auto Focus feature with the new algorithm, also this release comes with buttons illuminated, and support for 4K resolution in video recording at 60 frames per second, which is the specification of the fantastic in the camera 1D X Mark III, So we know the Olympics for 2020 to get clearer on the launch date of the cable car and the level of the pricing of this version possible of DSLR cameras from Canon.


I know of

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