Canon emphasizes on the decline of the market of camera with the development of smartphone technology

Confirmed Fujio Mitarai, CEO of Canon in his recent statements that the camera will be a dip in sales during the next two years by 50%.


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The development of the technique of cameras in smartphones significantly during the recent period, affecting definitely on sales the Giants of the manufacturing of the cable car in the world, and Canon is one of the companies that admitted explicitly to a significant decline in the market of camera in one.

In the context of this decline in sales indicated the Canon they turned to focus on the production of some equipment and techniques that cares about the content of photography in the world, among which is equipment and auto focus, as targeted by the company during the coming period, the medical, and surveillance in support of lifting the sales.

The comments came Mitarai, CEO of canon in an interview recently, where he confirmed during this meeting that the dip in sales witnessed in the digital camera market in the recent period, level during the coming years also, he has explained that the sales of canon in particular of the cable car fell by 10% annually, where the number of units sold to professionals or photography enthusiasts between 5 to 6 million units, a sharp decline in camera sales.

On the other hand confirmed some of the predictions that the approach of the Canon of classic in the design of the cameras will face the rapid development in the technology of cameras provided in the phones the iPhone for example, since Apple has developed a technology to cameras in phones faith better in each new generation.

Also no different is the case with the technique of the cameras provided in the smart phone versions of Samsung, Huawei, to the side of the Google phones Pixel, where supports these phones the user of the report featured in the cable car are available with in any place.

Recall that the first indicators to falling sales of cameras have appeared long ago, but it didn’t move the Giants of manufacturing a cable car to take serious steps, for example, picked up cameras, phones the iPhone the best and most famous pictures on the website Flickr, which outperformed the photos were taken with cameras Canon, وNikon and also Leica.

So in the time of declining camera sales the company began major manufacturer of smart phones in use than the development of cameras as a point of attraction for users, but it managed to attract professional photography also, where he used some bankers professional cameras iPhone to capture shots of the billboards and magazine covers.

Also with this rapid development changed the Canon its policy of focusing on DSLR cameras that have already made a quality film, to focus on the camera market that come to the design without the interior mirror to improve the benefit from the development of these cameras and the competition in the market.

And it’s also in the company Nikon, which focus on the development of equipment more than software development, which gives the smart phones like the iPhone the advantage of rapid development, this coupled with the features offered in smart phones of the joint rapid health on social networks and specialized websites.

Zeiss ZX1

On the other hand some companies have started the production of cameras offering more sophistication in the software such as camera Zeiss ZX1 that came with Adobe Lightroom built-in camera, with the feature to upload and share photos directly on the internet.

In the end may not be smartphone cameras offer performance very perfect in photography such as DSLR cameras professional, for example, especially with low light, however the rapid development to provide full control of smart phones may pose a big threat in the end the maker of my camera, which requires the development of a revolution in design and software to rival smartphones.


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